Marketing can be defined as the process of promoting, the buying and selling of products and services, to the consumers. You must market your Business to remain visible to your target audience. How you market your business determines the success of your business. below are 4 tactics you can effectively use to market your business without breaking the bank 

Online contest: Prizes don’t need to be very expensive a couple of free products will be enough to get a potential customer to invest his/her time in applying to win, this is a great way of gathering customer’s email address for email marketing while getting them to spread your business to potential customer’s.

Develop a customer referral programs: Customer referral programs are under-rated, but it’s one of the most effective ways of marketing your business, people tend to believe more in words of mouth, people believe more on recommendation from friends and families over other forms of advertising. Referral programs are more cost-effective, you can offer your existing customer’s a complimentary service, free samples and discounts rewards for referring their friends to you.

Host an Event or Class:  Plan and host events or class that will attract new customers to you, while educating them about your industry, the event will be its form of advertising, you can print and post flyers at strategic places where your target audience hangout, this marketing idea, will be of great value to your potential customers.

Email Marketing:  With email marketing, you can get new visitors engaged with your business as well as maintain relationships with your existing customers, advertise your email newsletter on your website by offering bonus contents e.g E-books so people can sign up. It is a great way to establish a customer’s loyalty and also nurture subscribers to become paying customers over time.