How to Start Bedsheet Business In Nigeria

Starting a bedsheet business is a very lucrative venture in Nigeria. In every Nigerian house, you will find a bed where people sleep or rest after the day’s activities. Inarguably the Importance of beds in the house, cannot be over-emphasized, people tend to decorate their beds with different colourful bedsheets. In Nigeria today, most homes you enter have at least 3 bedrooms and each bedroom has a minimum of 3 bedsheets.

Definition of Bedsheets Business?

Bedsheet Business can simply be defined as the process of selling bedding materials such as Bedsheets, Pillowcase, Duvey of any colour and any kind

Below are the different types of Bedsheets and Pillow covers

Types of Bedsheets

1.Double Size with four Pillow cover

2.Double Size with two pillow covers

3.Student size with

Types of Pillow cover

1.Patterned Pillow

2.Square pillow

3.Candy Shape

4.Decorative pillow

5.Rectangular Pillow

How Lucrative Is Bedsheets Business In Nigeria

There are a lot of houses being built in Nigeria on daily basis, most of these houses have between 3 to 20 rooms, some are for rent while some are personal houses, when people move into these houses, they must purchase a bed and need a bedsheet to lay on it. The marketing of bedsheets is Booming every day, Bedsheets are used by both high and low class which make the market large enough for you to explore.

How Do I Start Bedsheets Business In Nigeria

There are two ways you can start a bedsheets business 

  1. producing the bedsheets by yourself
  2. buying and selling of already made bedsheets

Making bedsheets by yourself

Making the bedsheets by yourself is quite cheaper and it will give you a competitive advantage in business, all you need to do it to purchase quality bedsheet materials. You can either sew it by yourself or give it to a tailor to sew for you, then you package it and start selling, you can get quality and cheap bedsheets materials from Lagos Balogun market and Aba

Buying and Selling of already made bedsheets 

To save time, you can simply source for already made bedsheets in large quantities, which will attract discount from local or imported dealers and sell to people, you must make sure the bedsheets are of high quality

if you want continuous patronage from a customer.

Capital Needed for bedsheets business in Nigeria

You can start bedsheets business with as little as 20,000 naira, by buying from manufacturers. If you want to buy the materials for a tailor to sew for you, you can start with 50,000 naira, but if you want to start manufacturing the bedsheets by yourself, then you should budget a minimum of 100,000 naira and above, whichever amount you chose to start with, bear in mind, the more money you start the business with, the more profit you get in return, you can start small and grow big.

How much profit can I make

The profit you make depends on several factors

1. Quantity of Bedsheets sold

2.Production Cost

3.Purchasing cost 

4.Quality of each bedsheet

You can make between 2000 and above on each bedsheet, depending on which platform you are selling them

Marketing your Bedsheets

How you sell your bedsheets goes a long way to influence your profits, selling the bedsheets in a shop will attract little gain, compared to when selling online.

It’s more profitable to sell your bedsheets online, instead of renting a shop, you can create an online store, but this will cost you a minimum of 25- 30,000 naira, if you can’t afford to create an online store, then you can easily create free Facebook or Instagram account for your bedsheets marketing.

You can also advertise your bedsheets on e-commerce sites like Jumia. And attract many buyers and possibly export to other African countries E.g Ghana